HTTP Error encountered on SCCM Client logged on ccmexec.log


  • I have several client servers that are member of SMS infra. The previous SMS server's name is CHICAGO. This server was decommissioned, deleted on the AD list and on DNS. We installed a new SCCM Infra. The new SCCM server name is DENVER.

    When I installed sccm clients to the previous SMS clients, I encountered problem when doing soft dist. As I checked on ccmexec.log, I found out that they are still connecting to http://chicago/ccm_system/request.

    So I did a re-installation of sccm client using /uninstall and deleted the CCM and CCMSETUP folders just to make sure that everything is clear. Upon re-checking, the clients are still trying to connect to http://chicago/ccm_system/request (see logs below).


    <![LOG[[CCMHTTP] HTTP ERROR: URL=http://CHICAGO/ccm_system/request, Port=80, Protocol=http, SSLOptions=0, Code=12007, Text=ERROR_WINHTTP_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED]LOG]!><time="20:45:03.650+000" date="12-18-2010" component="CcmExec" context="" type="1" thread="544" file="ccmhttperror.cpp:264">
    <![LOG[Raising event:instance of CCM_CcmHttp_Status
     ClientID = "GUID:B48B7F8B-FBE9-4CAF-991A-107F09DE09A8";
     DateTime = "20101218124503.665000+000";
     HostName = "CHICAGO";
     HRESULT = "0x80072ee7";
     ProcessID = 568;
     StatusCode = 0;
     ThreadID = 544;
    ]LOG]!><time="20:45:03.665+000" date="12-18-2010" component="CcmExec" context="" type="1" thread="544" file="event.cpp:525">
    <![LOG[Raising event:instance of CCM_CcmHttp_Status
     ClientID = "GUID:B48B7F8B-FBE9-4CAF-991A-107F09DE09A8";
     DateTime = "20101218124607.712000+000";
     HostName = "DENVER.HO.AD.COM";
     HRESULT = "0x00000000";
     ProcessID = 568;
     StatusCode = 0;
     ThreadID = 3924;
    ]LOG]!><time="20:46:07.712+000" date="12-18-2010" component="CcmExec" context="" type="1" thread="3924" file="event.cpp:525">
    <![LOG[Failed in WinHttpSendRequest API, ErrorCode = 0x2ee7]LOG]!><time="20:46:15.993+000" date="12-18-2010" component="CcmExec" context="" type="3" thread="3924" file="ccmhttppost.cpp:797">


    The work-around that I did is to edit the client's host file to define CHICAGO with DENVER's ip address. This is pretend DENVER as CHICAGO. It worked! The server can now receive Soft Dist from DP.

    Question:  How can I eliminate totally the old server? Did I miss any file that need to delete? Are there ini files or history that I need to cleanup? I have several clients with such issues. It's hard to edit each of their host file and I know it's not the right practice. Kindly advice resolution.

    Tuesday, December 21, 2010 1:08 AM


  • Yes. Anything for the previous site should be deleted. If you accidentally delete something for the new site, you're hosed. No, just kidding. If you accidentally delete something from the new site, ConfigMgr will automatically recreate it.
    Jason | | | Twitter @JasonSandys
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    Tuesday, December 21, 2010 5:24 AM

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