The program is currently not available


  • Problem with SMS 2003 advertisement. The advertisement shows up in Advertised Programs and works fine on a number of systems. Several systems display the error "The program is currently not available" when you try to run it.

    Strangely enough, if you restart the SMS Agent service then attempt to run the program from Advertised Programs, it works just fine!

    Have not looked at any logs yet but have not read any good information about this problem either.

    I found the following on another forum but it had no answer, it describes exactly the problem I have:

    We are experiencing a mayor problem when distribution software via SMS. 
    When users open the "Run Advertised Programs" applet and press the "Run" 
    button for software not currently installed, they receive the following error: 
    [Cannot Run Program] 
    This program is currently not available 
    When checking the execmgr.log we see the following errors: 
    CExecutionManager::FindUserExecutionManager the user DOMAIN\UserName is not 
    logged on 
    CExecutionManager::CheckContentAvailability the user is not logged on 
    So it seems somehow the SMS Agent host does not seem see that there IS a 
    user logged on. 
    Does anybody have any idea? 
    (I am looking for an answer which does NOT contain: "run ccmrepair" or 
    "reinstall the sms client".) 


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