Cluster Validation fails on "list all disks"


  • Hello,

    I've looked around at other questions but my scenario appears to be a little unique, let me explain.

    I have been tasked with creating a HA certificate services cluster.  A little on our lab environment:

    Dell powervault 3200 SAN (not I)

    Single Dell Server running Server 2008r2, running hyper V.

    Now, I want to create the cluster between 2 VM's on the same physical hardware, which my research shows is possible.  I understand by design this is not an actual cluster, but just using this as POC in a lab environment.

    -I have 3 VM's, all server 2008 R2 hosts, one DC and two running the CA role.

    -I am runing the Microsoft ISCSI Target software on the Virtualized DC, and I have mapped 2 disks to each of the CA servers successfully.  (Again, just as POC)

    - The ISCSI disks were created from a VHD file located on the hyper V host.  They are not located on the C drive but another drive carved out of the   SAN.

    - Disks can be brought on and offline on both CA servers.  The idea was to have one of the cluster disks as a witness and one as the Data disk.

    - Here is a link to the guide I followed almost to a T 

    Everything worked as it showed in the guide except for when the cluster validation test runs with both nodes it fails.  If I run the Validation test on a single host it passes.  Exact error I get is included as picture attachment.

    It says access denied. Windows firewall disabled on all hosts, not too sure what else to check.  

    I am not running any other validation tests and have rebooted many times.  Any help would be much appreciated.  On a side note this is my first attempt at configuring a cluster!  Any guides anyone have found particularly valuable would be a bonus!  Thanks again!

    Wednesday, February 08, 2012 3:55 PM

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