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  • Hello—

    We need some help on integrating SCCM with ServiceNow (SNow). The details of requirement/approach/doubts are provided below.

    Current scenario:

    1. A Service Request for s/w installation would be raised by end-user in ServiceNow (SNow).
    2. The request would then undergo some approval process.
    3. If the request gets approved, a SNow task gets generated and assigned to SCCM team, who would deploy the software.
    4. Once done, the ‘assigned to’ person would close the task in SNow which would eventually close the service request.

    Our need:

    1. Once a SNow task would generate (please refer #3, Current scenario), SNow needs to communicate with SCCM to tell “Hey SCCM! You need to deploy a s/w in that machine. Please go ahead and let me know your installation status”
    2. Once SCCM is done with its installation, it would send back the status of the installation process

    Our approach:

    1. To accomplish the above needs, we (SNow) want(s) to communicate with SCCM through a Web Service
    2. That Web Service would be published/hosted by SCCM for Software Installation/Status which SNow would consume


    However we are not sure if the above approach is feasible and have come up with below queries:


    1. Can SCCM publish a Web Service?
    2. Can SCCM install software through that service?
    3. Can SCCM send back the installation status through that Web Service?



    We are stuck at this point and any help/suggestion/comments would be most appreciated! We also wanted to know which version of SCCM supports this kind of integration (if possible, though).


    Thank you!


    Wednesday, January 29, 2014 6:45 PM

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