Is it supported to have multiple SCCM 2007 sp2 R3 systems installed on the Same SQL 2008 R2 instance?


  • Hello, We had a situation where we had to completely rebuild our SCCM environment. We had an SCCM site server and a separate SQL server. We left the old SCCM site and database on those servers for reference. We created a new SCCM system with a new Site Name, and installed it on a new server. The new SCCM database was installed on the same SQL server in the same instance as the old SCCM database. The old WSUS database was deleted and a new one was created with the new SCCM system installation. I cannot find any documentation that states that this scenario is not supported in SCCM 2007. Once we enabled the Reporting Services Point role, we began to see major errors in the SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGEMENT - SMS Site Component Manager detected that site system <SQLserver>  is currently in use by SMS site <old system>. Is there any documentation stating that installing two or more SCCM 2007 systems on the same SQL instance is not supported?
    Friday, February 08, 2013 2:27 PM


  • I can't find the documentation on it, but logically it is not supported.  However, since you indicate that you have shutdown the other environment, it really is simply that you didn't (or were unable to) completely deinstall the old environment.  So in WMI on the server which you want to hold the reporting services role, there are still remnants of the old site.

    Your best bet might be to open a call with CSS, and have them talk you through removing the old site information referenced in WMI.

    If that is unappealing for whatever can also just elect a different server somewhere to be your "classic" or ASP reporting point.  Personally, just look into using SRS reporting services instead.  SSRS reporting is the future, and you'll want to know it for CM12 anyway.

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