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    I have SCSM 2012, SCORCH 2012, connected, synchronized, no any errors in both logs.

    I downloaded here runbook, imported, changed in each action the server, it runs perfect in Runbook tester on Orch server. I created policy template.xml with ORTUIGenerator.exe, and as it described in the article created task. Task settings is on screenshot.

    When I start Task from Incident view I receive following error:

    Console task output:
    Orchestrator Remote Tools 2.51 - Runbook Launcher CLI
    ---               Use /? for help                 ---
    Execution mode       : Standard
    Working with runbook : 1.5.1 Convert Incident to Service Request
    Runbook description  : Description of this runbook : This runbook converts Incident to Service Request
    Runbook template     : policy_template.xml
    Arguments expected
    IncidentID : Any string value is allowed
    Argument parsing
    IncidentID was found with a value of IR1388

    Argument validation

    Runbook launch
    Attempting to launch the runbook...
    Runbook could not be started.

    Both SCSM and SCORCH administrative accounts have admin permissions on both servers and are members of SCORCHAdmin group.

    policy template content:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Root> <Name>1.5.1 Convert Incident to Service Request</Name> <ID>8374b8a3-e74b-4d0c-9047-7f961299c8c7</ID> <Description>This runbook converts Incident to Service Request</Description> <OperatorConsoleSrv>orch-srv</OperatorConsoleSrv> <OperatorConsolePort>81</OperatorConsolePort> <Params> <Param> <Name>IncidentID</Name> <Type>String</Type> <Req>ANYVALUE</Req> <GUID>81a7b1d3-51e0-47e5-9df6-4cf07c5df1d9</GUID> </Param> </Params> </Root>

    Could you help, what is wrong or I forgot to do smth?

    Which server should I pay attention to troubleshoot runbook, scsm or scorh?

    Thank you

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