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  • Lately I've been contemplating whether or not it's possible to have a webpart zone with zone templates inside another webpart.

    What I'd Ideally like to be able to do is setup a webpart zone with X number of zones and instantiate it inside a webpart, via WebPart.Controls.Add(someWebPartZoneControlInstance).

    My question is, is this possible?  Will it work?  Or would I be wasting my time to try?

    And if it does work, will sharepoint render webpart in the webpart zones in the webpartzone control in my webpart properly.  E.g. If I have a webpart on my webpart and I set some settings by editing it, will they save correctly?

    I think it would be pretty sweet to have a webpart with some dynamic abilities, e.g. I edit it and change the zone count to 10 and poof, 10 webpart zones without having to do it via page layouts, and have it save properties correctly.


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    Thursday, October 27, 2011 12:52 AM