Windows XP - Keyboard not working after having migrated to SP3


  • Hi,

    I am having a PC (Intel Pentium Dualcore 3GHz, 1GB RAM) that worked fine 'til installing XP SP3.

    Since then I have lost control of the keyboard (MS Optical keyboard 2000).  Mouse connected on the same USB-receiver is still working.

    The same keyboard is also working fine when connecting to another computer, and other keyboard connected to the XP SP3 does neither work. Only thing that still works on kb are the shortcuts (calculator, IE launcher, etc.), but no characters A-Z,0-1, etc.

    I reinstalled several times the drivers without success (Intellytype 6.1)

    I changed language options back and forth, without any change

    I uninstalled the drivers (SYSTEM > KEYBOARD >  ..) and have the message that "Windows has loaded the drivers, but did not find the peripheral" (wording may differ, as my version is in french)

    Unfortunately I have no pre-SP3 backup and reverting (uninstalling) doesn't work.

    Monday, December 29, 2008 8:49 PM


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