Location identification of the incident through source field (multiple small sites)


  •  We intend of have mutiple sources on incidents within source: Portal.

     We would like to have Portal-Site1, Portal-Site2.. and so on. Also that multiple portals would be loaded on SCSM 2012.

     And Corresponding to the portal that would be openened we require to draw a mechanism so that if the incident is logged from portal url 1 then source should be that particular portal-site.

     This would in short allow to easily identity that incident is logged from that particular location.

     The computer asset information and / or user information is not sufficient to provide this exact information because mostly are laptops which keep moving from sites to sites. However on SCSM part we require to route/assign the inciden to the corresponding team looking for that site.

     What would be the solution to this scenario.

     To our fear already, we've just checked on this forum that SDK / Source for portal custmization will not be available for SCSM 2012 :)

    Shahid Roofi

    Saturday, March 03, 2012 7:25 PM