You cannot access Virtual Machine Manager server SRVSCVMM01. Contact the Virtual Machine Manager administrator to verify that your account is a member of a valid user role and then try the operation again. ID: 1604


  • Hi,

    The setup is:
    1 - SCVMM 2008 on a windows 2008 64 bit. Controls several Hyper-V and Virtual servers. The setup was the default setup options with SQL Express locally.

    I'm getting that error when trying to connect from my Windows XP Professional SP3.

    Things that I already tried: Add my xp domain user account to local administrators and the Administrator User Role on the VMM server. I also enabled remote connections to SQL, and I can connect to the SCVMM SQL using SQL Server management Studio Express.

    But I still get that error, any clues?

    Thank you all.

    Thursday, May 14, 2009 8:58 AM


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