Mom 05 Monitoring Exchange 2007 w/ cmdlets


  • I've just turned up Mom 2005 and the only problem I've been having with it is that it has thus far been unable to execute the test-* cmdlets it runs monitoring Exchange 2007.  The error message is copied below, however, it is telling me to run the Microsoft Exchange Monitoring Service as a local system, which it is, and Mom.exe is running as Network Service.  Anything I've found online says that they switched it to use local system and it works perfectly.  Any suggestions?




    Failed to execute the diagnostic cmdlet to test the MAPI connectivity state.

    The initial event reported:

    The diagnostic cmdlet controller failed to execute the command.

    Error: 0x800106D9(-2147416359) -

    Previous attempts to start the MSExchangeMonitoring service failed. Monitoring is going to wait at least 240 minutes before trying again. If the problem preventing the service to start is fixed and the service is manually started the script will start to run the cmdlets immediately.

    Response to rule: "Execute: Test-MAPIConnectivity diagnostic cmdlet. (Report Collection)"

    Diagnostic command: "Test-MAPIConnectivity -MonitoringContext:$true -PerConnectionTimeout:60 -AllConnectionsTimeout:90"

    To see the current problem, look at the events associated with this alert and find the most recent event.



    ...and it's not only MAPI, but activesync, OWA, et. al..

    Thursday, June 09, 2011 1:47 PM


  • Unfortunately, MOM 2005 and all MOM 2005 MPs are unsupported at this point.  Let's hope someone here in the community still has the hands-on to help with your question

    Microsoft Corporation
    Thursday, June 09, 2011 8:12 PM