What resets the Consolidator failure event?


  • We get the following error on a few very busy servers... and our normal recovery for this is to stop agent, clear cache and restart agent

    The Microsoft Operations Manager Condolidator Module processing thread failed with an internal error and must be unloaded.

    Error 0x80070057

    This weekend, I noticed that these events had been reset within the SCOM console - all around 03:59..

    The only thing that happens (on all these servers) at this time is the online defrag of the health store.

    What I am trying to establish is what (either event or timer) resulted in the consolidator event being closed?

    Does anyone know what closes them?

    Also, if the online defrag 'fixes' this - then can we use this as an auto recovery for the failure?

    Many thanks, Thomas



    Monday, April 29, 2013 9:35 AM


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