SQL Database Growth exponential? Is that normal?


  • I was wondering if this is normal?

    We went live with SCSM 2012 on April 2nd. When we ran a comparitive view, our SQL table grew by 50Gbs in 15 days. 

    When we checked our SQL lines:
    This is what we got

    When we deployed SCSM to our environment we were tagged as a small/medium Enterprise:

    Our SQL CMDB had originally 75 GB of size running on 16Gb of RAM. Now, I am aware of data grooming and I have changed the setting. Also, as we had wanted to implement a QA to do IR closure (and data grooming does not start till IR/SR are marked closed), I understand that our CMDB would grow. But by that much?

    In those 2 weeks that we had launched our application, we had 475 IR opened and resolved. 

    If someone could let me know if this is normal. If more specific is needed, I can provide

    Thank you 

    Thursday, April 18, 2013 1:19 PM

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  • Wow how many attachments do the IR's contain? So far we have 12GB database with 5 GB free and have been running it since January. Just providing my examples....I've had a few hiccups with the temp file growing to equal the database size but after a restart it goes back to normal.


    Thursday, April 18, 2013 2:31 PM
  • I'm trying to figure that out. 

    We have kept the default size of 2MB per up to 10. so at most, one IR would have 20Mb... 

    We default to creating and IR when we receive an email. Looking at the foldersize of the deleted item that the exchange connector is monitoring, there is 39 Mb of data with attachements. 

    In total, we received 800 emails in that box that created 400 IR... So where is this data coming from?

    Thursday, April 18, 2013 3:55 PM
  • This is what our tables look like this morning. This is afterno I groomed over 200 incidents and 45 Service request to the Dataware house yesterday. We haven't seen any changes in our Un-allocated space on the CMDB and it just keeps on growing


    This is what we based our SQL built

    Yet somehow, things are not going properly. Anyone have any idea? 

    Friday, April 19, 2013 3:57 PM
  • Investigating further, we seem to have found the reason where the growth is coming from, but not really the why. 


    58E9F2D6-D418-EEC7-6B3F-224EDD6CD0F6 25271         IR640

    Work Item GUID COUNT Record ID

    the count number indicates how many lines are added to the Work item. 

    This work Item was resolved (marked resolved) on April 4th 2013, however, our workflow account is modifying it every 5 min still.

    the workflow is removing and adding a resolved by user relationship to all the resolved tickets since the day we have gone in prod... creating all those lines of record.
    Does anyone know what the cause might be? I can't seem to find that workflow. 

    Thank you 


    Friday, April 19, 2013 8:55 PM
  • hi,

    you've got a lot of Rows in the Incident log. 

    So you can check:

    1. The history of your incidents in the service manager console. Maybe there is a long history. If so, you see, which values are changed.

    2. Select the table - [..]Workitem_log and search in this for the changing values.

    Maybe you have 2 connectors installed and one connector has one value for a specific property and the other has an other value for this property - so they are filling the Log writing their values.


    Patrick Wahlmüller

    Monday, April 22, 2013 9:10 AM
  • Hi Patrick, 
    I checked where the rows are coming from. The workflow account for SCSM seems to be continually removing and then adding the Resolved by User relationship to resolved tickets. 

    As our Dev is the same as our Prod, I looked at our Dev and it is not happening there either. 

    Monday, April 22, 2013 2:33 PM
  • Hi,

    that is quite strange. In our environment these properties are set by the console user and not by a workflow. Do you have any workflows on the update event of incidents or using any additional software doing this?


    Patrick Wahlmüller

    Monday, April 22, 2013 3:08 PM
  • Although I have several configured, the main one that I use is when a IR/SR is resolved/Completed, a template gets applied to re-assign the ticket to a quality control group. But the template is empty except for the support queue that it changes it too. 

    Tuesday, April 23, 2013 12:20 PM