Help Setting up an Alert on Number of Messages in Queues MSMQ 3.0 and SCE 2007


  • Hello,

    Sorry to be hitting MSMQ so much.

    First, I want to say again how much I like SCE 2007 and Ops Mgr in general.  It is a great concept and is packed full of useful tools/information.  SCE has caught several issues, even resolved a couple on its own!  Thank you again for producing it. 

    Looks like I need some help 'Authoring' a 'Monitor' in SCE 2007.  Specifically, the number of messages in the private queues.   MSMQ Management Pack includes a very similar monitor, "Number of Messages" under "MSMQ 2003 Queue -> Performance" but that is a 'Self-Tuning Threshold' on a total of all queues.  Not exactly what I want.  

    Suggestions please.

    Create a monitor and alert on all MSMQ 3.0 servers if the number of messages in the Private Queues are more than 20,000.

    Ultimate Goal:
    Make this monitor work on MSMQ 4.0 Servers as well.

    I can not seem to create the correct wildcard (?) object or syntax correct in the "Performance Counter Object" to capture all the MSMQ Servers.   I set Host=MSMQ 2003 Servers and try the various elements/objects in that sub-menu, but nothing seems to work, or work correctly.   I'll either get an email stating the object is invalid, or if I select what I think is correct, I get alerts non-stop even when the number of messages in the queues are 0.  Hundreds of alerts.

    My Monitor Properties:
    'General' Tab
    Monitor type, "Unit Monitor + Windows Performance Counters -> Static Thresholds -> Single Threshold -> Simple Threshold"
    Name, "Hard-Coded Number of Messages in Queues"
    Desc, "blah blah"
    Monitor Agent, "MSMQ 2003 Queue"
    Parent Monitor, "Performance"  (this monitor will appear right above the pre-made self-tuning monitor)
    Monitor is enabled, "True"  - Checked.

    'Performance Counter' Tab
    Object, "MSMQ Queue"     (<-- Need help here)
    Counter, "Messages in Queue"
    Instance, ""   Grayed out
    Include all instances for the selected counter, "True" - Checked.
    Interval, "1", "Minute"

    'Threshold Value' Tab
    Theshold Value, "20000.00"

    'Health' Tab  (I think this is set by default)
    'Monitor Condition', 'Operational State', 'Health State',
    "Under Threshold", "Under Threshold", "Healthy"
    "Over Threshold", "Over Threshold", "Critical"

    'Alerting' Tab
    Generate alerts for this monitor, "True" - Checked
    Generate an alert when, "The monitor is in a critical health state"
    Automatically resolve the alert when the monitor returns to a healthy state, "True" - Checked
    Alert name, "Hard-Cded Number of Messages Queue Alert
    Alert description, ""

    Diagnostic and Recovery Tab

    Product Knowledge Tab

    Overrides Tab
    Default setting, "Monitor (Hard-Coded Number of Messages Queue Alert"

    Thank you.

    Thursday, March 26, 2009 3:26 AM


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  • Hi Dane,

    I didn't use the MSMQ. From the Message Queuing Management Pack Guide, I think you can use the Queue Monitors -> Messages in Queue, which is Number of messages in queue.

    You can download the Message Queuing Management Pack and its Guide from the link below;displaylang=en

    The MP for MSMQ 4.0 has not been released now.

    Hope it helps.

    Yog Li - MSFT
    Friday, March 27, 2009 11:08 AM
  • Hi,

    I was able to download the latest management pack for MSMQ in SCOM 2012 r2. The server and private queues are visible but I am not sure how to setup the threshold of messages. I would like to first have a monitor to see if the MSMQ service is up and then a threshold monitor for number of messages in a specific private queue. Could somebody please let me know how to set these monitors ?


    Monday, June 23, 2014 3:32 PM
  • me too


    Monday, June 23, 2014 3:38 PM