Trying to create a rule for a VMWare tools counter - but object not visible in selection dialog?


  • I manage a group of computers that are all hosted on an external provider's VMWare infrastructure.  I don't have any access to VMWare hosts, and very limited (read-only) access to VCenter.  But I need to watch out for host memory shortages because this hosting provider has (more than once) been been know to let their hosts run low on memory resulting in the VMWare tools balloon driver stealing memory from our VMs and causing disastrous performance.

     So I want to create an SCOM 2012 rule for the "Memrory ballooned in MB" counter of "VM Memory" performance object.  All our VMs (including the Operations manager server) have VMWare tools installed and this counter is available in Perfmon.

    But when I try to create a new SCOM 2012 rule for this performance counter, the "VM Memory" object is not available in the performance counter selection dialog.   Same for the "VM Processor" object.

    Any ideas why?


    martes, 19 de junio de 2012 20:42


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