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  • To get Service Manager related change requests, we could use get object to get GUID and then get relationship to match exact change request. At rc field changed to "sc object guid". Now everytime it gets NULL. Any idea?
    jeudi 1 mars 2012 08:53

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  • Hi,

    Suppose you are talking about a SCO runbook? Please provide some additional information and we might be able to help you.


    Anders Asp | Lumagate | | Sweden | My blog:

    jeudi 1 mars 2012 09:45
  • Yes.

    I'm monitoring a runbook activity in orchestrator. I need object guid ( sc object guid at rc) but its always null. At beta using "object guid" was successfull.

    jeudi 1 mars 2012 09:47
  • Strange. I just tested this and it worked fine in my environment.

    Monitor Object --> Get Object --> Create Folder

    Monitor Object
    Connection: SCSM2012
    Class: Change Request
    Trigger: New

    Get Object
    Connection: SCSM2012
    Class: Change Request
    SC Object GUID Equals {SC Object GUID from Monitor Object}

    Create Folder
    Path: c:\temp\{Title from Get object}


    So isn't your Monitor Object picking up the SC Object GUID at all?
    Are you using SCO2012, SCSM2012 IP RC and SCSM2012 RC?


    Anders Asp | Lumagate | | Sweden | My blog:

    jeudi 1 mars 2012 10:32
  • RC. but just realize that if i use just "monitor object" to get exact change request with id, it still can not find it.

    I can get service manager details, custom activities from orchestrator but can not monitor it? Any idea?

    jeudi 1 mars 2012 11:17
  • Could you post a screenshot of your runbook and your activity settings?


    Anders Asp | Lumagate | | Sweden | My blog:

    jeudi 1 mars 2012 18:48
  • I'm trying about the same: I have a Runbook activity (a ad user to group runbook)that starts a runbook with only the ID of this Runbook Activity. I am getting the Runbook Activity Object and from there I can retrieve the Service Request Object trough a "Get Relationship" activity, but when I try to get the affected configuration items of either one of these objects I get empty objects. 

    The "Get Related User GUID" activity:

    I get information from this Group Object (a "Get Object" activity with class AD Group and Filter: ObjectGUID Equals {Related Object Guid from "Get Related Group GUID"}) I only wrong or no information. What am I doing wrong?

    jeudi 8 mars 2012 14:52
  • FYI: I already found out that that the "Get Related Group/User GUID" I used worked, but the "Get Group Object" and "Get User Object" not: I was trying to get the user with an object GUID instead of the SC Object GUID. Complete missed it in the list.. 

    I hope babylon99 had found a solution for his problem.

    vendredi 16 mars 2012 08:02