SCSM2010 Test Environment for Migration


  • I have a problem with creating test environment for SM2012 migration.

    I’ve created SM Management Server + SM DB Server successfully, but when I try to install DWH MS + DWH DB Server at the end of this process I can’t see one job named: Extract_<Service Manager management group name>, all other jobs are created!

    And I have errors in OperationManager Event Log at my DWH Server about this job:

    • The requested workitem (ProcessCategory=Extract, Process=Extract_PT_SMOperations) could not be handed out to healthservice.
    • Data Access Layer rejected retry on SqlError:

    Request: GetWorkItem -- (ProcessCategoryName=Extract), (ProcessName=Extract_PT_SMOperations), (RETURN_VALUE=-1)

    Class: 16

    Number: 50000

    Message: Invalid ProcessName Extract_PT_SMOperations

    I’ve tried to wait for some time even for some days but nothing was changed, I reinstalled DWH and reregistered – but still the same error. I tried to diagnose the problem according to this article but could find some errors.

    Could you please give some advice, where is the problem?

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  • Hi,

    System Center Data Access Service and/or System Center Management could be unresponsive, please restart services System Center Data Access Service and System Center Management. When this is done try manually start the MPSyncJob and wait for it to complete.


    Kenneth Bess -

    dimanche 24 juin 2012 21:52
  • I’ve managed to install test environment, I simply reinstall it and after 3 attempts everything works smooth now.

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