specified operating system


  • The specified operating system call was returned with an error. For communication calls (receive, send, etc) often the cause of errors are network problems.

    It could also be a configuration problem at operating system level.

    (file cannot be opened, no space in the file system etc.).

    Additional specifications for error number 10054

    Name for error no number WSAECONNRESET

    No documentation available for error WSAECONNRESET
    יום שני 11 יוני 2012 11:32

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  • Hello Syed,

    Can you give more details about your issue?

    are you having issue in Hyperv? VMM? or else?


    Murat Demirkiran

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    יום שני 11 יוני 2012 19:54
  • Yes I am getting this issuse in Hyper-V

    יום שלישי 12 יוני 2012 03:50