Automatic LiveMigration on loss of power/network on host


  • Is it possible? If so, how?!

    I have just set up a Hyper-V cluster with 4 Hosts, shared storage etc and created a VM on a Host and then powered it down, hoping that it would be LiveMigrated accross onto another host (i have VMWare history) and restarted.

    It didn't. Is it possible? I am using SCVMM2012. If it doesn't then that is surely quite a limitation?

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  • Hi,

    this is not possible, because of the simple reason that if the server (Hyper-V) lost power, the server is down. You can't migrate anything off a host that is down. ;) I don't see missing this in VMM 2012 as a limitation, since there is no virtualization product which can do this.

    Take a look at the features of Hyper-V 3 (in Windows Server 2012); it has the Hyper-V Replica option, which will create a replica of your VM to another Hyper-V host. (pretty cool feature for DR/HA)


    Floris van der Ploeg

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  • Well the VHD's are on shared storage

    And VMWare HA does exactly this.

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  • Isn't VMWare HA restarting the VMs on another host in your cluster when a host goes down (I'm no VMWare expert)?

    Anyway, take a look at Hyper-V Replica in Windows 2012. Or take a look at failover clustering for Hyper-V (Hyper-V Clusters are supported by VMM):

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  • This can happen but is not and 'out of the box' type of thing, it needs some orchestration layer to make it happen.

    vmware depends on vCenter to do just this - it is the orchestration layer and there is no live migration, no HA without it.  In the Hyper-V world this is not the case - you get Live Migraiton and HA without an orchestration layer.  But, you lose some of the robustness that an orchestration layer can give.

    SCVMM today depends on Operations Manager to detect this and perform the operation using the PRO integration.  It does not have this detection built-in.

    I know folks that have created failover clustering workload rules to deal with network outages (more granular than a full node outage) - Ask your question in the Clustering forum and you will learn how to create a clustering rule that can monitor a network.

    Brian Ehlert
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  • Restarting the VM on another host in the cluster upon Power down is exactly what i am after.......and was my initial question.

    Looks like it might be possible with some tweaking and SCOM

    יום שישי 25 מאי 2012 11:07