hyper-v automatic snapshots

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  • Hi,

    it's not possible out-of-the-box to create automatic snapshots. However, you can use 3rd party tools (be it Microsoft, or something other) to create the snapshots using some script. Some possiblities:

    • Scheduled task which starts a PowerShell script (which in turn takes a snapshot)
    • System Center Ochestrator with the VMM integration pack

    For your second question; by default, the snapshots (or checkpoints as it's called in VMM) are stored with the VHD itself. This location can't be changed using VMM/Hyper-V manager.

    Floris van der Ploeg

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  • Hi

    Be very carefully with the snapshots process, because the snapshots will consume more and more disk space, so If I can give you a advice, do not use the snapshots for the backup but only for a rollbak when you make changes on a vm

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    Raynald CHAFFAUX Consultant Virtualisation Nelite North Africa

    יום שישי 01 יוני 2012 10:02
  • how do I set it up in System Center Ochestrator with the VMM integration pack?
    יום רביעי 06 יוני 2012 10:37