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  • Hi,

    I am looking for a backup solution to backup my Hyper-v vhd files online. Is this possible with SCVMM? I am not talking about just snapping for vhd, but the entire vhd files.

    יום שישי 08 ינואר 2010 16:29


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  • Good, because snapshotting is not backup.  And adds tot he backup / restore complexity.

    SCVMM does not do backup - it does management.

    You still need a backup solution (either software or process).
    There are hacks to use Windows Server backup - enable the VSS writer and then script.
    Then there is Data Protection Manager from Microsoft.
    And then there are a number of thrid party backup solutions that are Hyper-V aware/happy.

    ther are folks using SAN replication, file replication vendors have also jumped into this, there are folks using scripts to do VHD copies (shutdown the VM, copy, start), there are folks using Windows Server Backup, there are folks using DPM, ther are folks using the third party products.

    Brian Ehlert (hopefully you have found this useful)
    יום שישי 08 ינואר 2010 16:59
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  • Thanks for the info.

    יום שישי 08 ינואר 2010 22:04
  • You can backup Hyper-V VMs with any backup solution that leverages the Hyper-V VSS writer.  For VMs hosted on a CSV make sure the backup solution/version supports CSVs, like DPM 2010.

    יום ראשון 10 ינואר 2010 15:29
  • Agree to Juraj Lisiak .
    I'm using StarWind for me, but you can also try DataCore (it's pretty complicated as for me) or StorMagic (VmWare solution).

    יום שני 11 ינואר 2010 11:06
  • Most of the big vendors, like Symantec Netbackup, Commvault Simpana, EMC Legato also support the Hyper-V VSS writer in the latest versions - which will allow you to backup the VHD straight from the host.
    יום שני 11 ינואר 2010 15:18
  • CA's storage product -- CA ARCserver backup (r12.5 or above) can do it as well.
    יום חמישי 21 ינואר 2010 04:03
  • Hiya,
    BackupChain will definitely be the right thing for you. It compresses with delta compression, runs in the background as a service, and sends the delta files over FTP fully automatic while the VM is running. It has a built-in FTP server as well so you can receive and reconstruct the images easily at a different site.
    The perfect thing about is that incremental backups tend to be very small so you can ftp the day's worth of changes in say 10 to 50MB which is OK for dsl bandwidth.

    יום חמישי 11 מרץ 2010 20:21
  • I'm Using Cobian Gravity Backup to backup my entire Virtual Machines to a shared Drive/Folder in a remote location.

    All of my Virtual machines are in its own seperate folder hence it makes identify the Backup easier and also Cobian Backup is free. it can be installed as a service and also VSS. Configuration is quite easy and staright to the point.

    you can runs a Full, Differential, Incremental or Dummy Backup

    This form of backup has made it easy for me to recover from a server crash without loss of files

    יום שלישי 05 יוני 2012 09:53