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  • Dears,

    I have created A Standalone 2008 R2 Sysprep SQL Instance with Instance ID: MSSQLSERVER, and I did Sysprep for the OS, then I moved them to MSSCVMMLibrary server in VHD Directory

    I went to VMM 2012, and I have created the following:

    • SQL Server Profile, with providing the following information:
    • SQL Server Deployment: Name: Deployment 1
    • SQL Server Deployment: Instance Name: MSSQLSERVER
    • SQL Server Deployment: Instance ID: MSSQLSERVER
    • SQL Server Deployment:Installatin run as account: Domain\sqladmin
    • Configuration: Media Source: Provide the Path of the Media located on Hyper-V Server
    • SQL Server administrator: I added the needed
    • Security Mode: Windows
    • Service Account: I only have 1 service account sqlsrv
    • Hardware Profile Compatible with Cloud, 2 Processor, NIC assosiated with Hyper-V VIrtual Switch (Successed after Provigening)
    • Gust OS Profile: I provide, the Name, Join to domain (Successed after Provigening)
    • Capability profile: (Successed after Provigening)
    • Here I had Run: Create VM Template Wizard:
    • Select Source: I select the VHD FIle which I Sysprep it as I mentioned in the top of the post, but I got the following MSG:

    Create Virtual Machine Wizard
    This template specifies options that are not available through standalone VM deployment. To deploy a VM that uses these options, create a single-tier service instead. If you continue, these options will be ignored:

    Windows Server roles and features

    SQL Server deployment


    • Configure Hardware "as mentioned above", Configure OS "mentioned above", Configure Application "I provide nothing", Configure SQL Server "mentioned above"
    • Create VM: I Proivde the same profile mentioned above, + Deploy VM in private cloud

    The Result:

    VM Was provissioned with Correct Hardware Settings, and Correct OS Configuration, BUT SQL instance did not get configured atol.!!

    My questions:

    1. What is the reason that SQL Instance did not get configured? (The process seems like the Create VM Wizard did not work on SQL Section.
    2. The MSG: This template specifies options that are not available through standalone VM deployment. What Does it means? and for which Part of template do this message refer?


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