Business Services Service Components in 2012RC - adding all client computers


  • Hi,

    When creating a WindowsClient service we want to add all WindowsClientComputers as service components to tie them to this service and its maintenance organisation.
    Is there a recommendation on how to do this?

    Adding CI's one by one feels .. very.. 1990.. and time consuming.. ;)

    Adding a dynamic group would be better, but I have found no way of expanding such a group to see it's CI's from the service, which kind of misses the whole point by doing it.

    The same goes for importing Distributed Applications from SCOM2007R2 that contains dynamic groups - the members of the groups cannot be viewed and this really limits the usage of the connector. The easy way of making DA's dynamic in SCOM is by using dynamic groups..

    Am I doing this the wrong way or is there no way of populating the service components dynamically?
    Do I miss the point / intention of the service components?

    23 Maret 2012 10:38

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  • In response to your first question, one way to do it is with a CSV import. (I was surprised to see you could only pick one config item at a time through the form.)

    That link contains a document which gives all the details you need to do a CSV import if you're not familiar with them yet. If you need more specific details about which type projection and/or aliases to use in the CSV definition file, let us know.

    As for using a "dynamic group", I have no immediate suggestions. Config Items are related to a business service through relationship objects. I don't have much experience with dynamic groups, so I'm not sure if there's a simple way for members of a dynamic group to be automatically related to something else.

    Off the top of my head (with the knowledge I have of dynamic groups) you could write a workflow that updates the relationships to a business service with only those config items that are part of a dynamic group, but it would take some development effort.

    23 Maret 2012 21:26