2012 Portal Request Offering - Query result on previous field


  • Hi,

    We have successfully been able to use tokens to populate a list / result from the input of the previous field in SCSM 2012 Portal (Request Offering). However, our question is, do we always have to manually click "Refresh" to get this result?

    When the first prompt input is removed the dependent field is cleaned automatically, but is is not populated automatically when chosing an object from the first list. Is this by design?

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    09 Maret 2012 15:25

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  • Hi,

    I've seen this behaviour as well, and it's really anoying. I talked to Travis about this one and he said that it's reported as a DCR on connect and hopefully we'll see a fix for this in a future version or patch. Unfortunately I can't find it on connect to put a comment or vote on it...


    Anders Asp | Lumagate | | Sweden | My blog:

    10 Maret 2012 9:26
  • You can create new feedback. And if it really is duplicate then MSFT target you to it. If not then you do the good job )) freemanru (at) gmail (dot) com

    10 Maret 2012 11:02
  • Thanks guys,

    I did create a feedback on the connect page just to be sure, pretty big deal that it works!

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    Ezequiel Osorio

    Relevo AB


    12 Maret 2012 7:30
  • any news on this?
    15 Agustus 2012 10:54
  • Following the above Connect link yields error "The system has encountered an unexpected error. We apologize for the inconvenience. The issue will be addressed as quickly as possible."

    Any update on this?  Would be very efficient to be able to collapse two prompts into one query results prompt rather than having the query results prompt rely on the value of an earlier prompt.

    29 Juli 2013 14:46