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  • If this answer is out there, I have missed it. And it may be inferred through 10,000 posts but I am not putting it all together.

    I am trying to find the basic deployment "topology" for SCE 2010. I have two physical hosts for my hyper-v environment (one is for manual failover). I have licensing for everything as prescribed. I intend to use it primarily for managing the hosted VMs, initially.

    My questions:

    Does anyone know of a diagram with example deployments?

    In my environment described above would I put SCE on the primary physical host AND the failover physical host thus enabling moving the VMs to and from the failover if/when needed (is that kind of the gist for how it is intended to be used for managing VMs)?


    Is a separate physical server (ironically, because I implemented virtualization in part to reduce the number of physical servers) required just to run SCE for managing the two physical servers and their VMs (would this be the "management server" referred to in the Essentials Datasheet)?

          and if so,

    Shouldn't I then have redundancy for that server if a separate one for SCE is required?

    Thank you in advance.

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  • Hi,

    Regarding the deployment topology, please refer to the following document:

    Supported Topologies and Performance Guidance for System Center Essentials 2010


    Nicholas Li
    TechNet Community Support

    2012년 11월 29일 목요일 오전 9:25
  • Thank you for responding. I was already familiar with that document and the others at and, for instance, but they have not addressed my questions.

    I understand enough of the product to use it, and know what it is for and how it will serve my needs. I think all the documentation I have seen, however, mistakenly assumes I know how many servers, and which, I need to put it on. But that answer is elusive and I cannot proceed until I know this. For example, if I put it only on my primary physical host I could use a console on another to move vm's around to other servers. But what if that lone physical server had crashed? Wouldn't  I really then need to have SCE on EVERY physical host so vm's can be moved around from any SCE server to another?

    An analogy I have used with MS is this: I know what a thermometer is for. It reads temperature. But my SCE question is akin to not knowing if it was intended to be used as an in-the-ear, temporal or in-the-mouth (and elsewhere). The instructions don't say *that* but instead read, "push the button and read the temp." That's great but not helpful if I don't know where it is to be used. And so this is why I used the term "topology." If I have two physical servers whose purpose it is to host virtual servers, and one of those physical servers is really for failover or backup, do I need SCE on both? Or do I need it on a third, independent server that would allow me to move vm's to either physcial host in any situation as well as doing all the other things SCE can do (and seems would be complicated by having it on multiple machines).

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