WSUS will not download updates


  • Hello All,

    A few weeks ago our SBS 2003 server with WSUS 3 stopped installing updates.  If I go into WSUS I can see that it showed 31 new updates on 3-14-12 but all the updates state that they were not downloaded.  The messages says that they will install once they are downloaded.  I have tried to perform a manual sync but is shows only two new updates and they also say that they could not be downloaded.  If I try a manual update via Microsoft Updates on the server it shows 27 updates but none of them will download - they all fail at the download part of the process.

    I have confirmed that the proxy settings are correct - we use both WebMarshal and a Netgear UTM25 appliance.  If the proxy info were bad then the sync would fail completely with a proxy error.  I thought at first it might be the UTM since it was installed a few months ago.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    Rob Battaglia

    2012년 3월 27일 화요일 오후 6:34