How do I approve a service request?


  • I am brand new to SCSM/SCOrch and am fumbling my way through it.  I have finally gotten a runbook successfully created, service request offering completed, and published it to the portal.  I filled it out and submitted it on the portal a couple hours ago and it still sits "In progress".  I cannot for the life of me figure out how in the world to approve the request.  I assume once I approve it the rest will be completed automatically.

    Can anyone help?  Please?


    29 mai 2012 20:14


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  • For approval you need to add a Review Activity to the Service Request Template at the Activity tab.

    Marcel Zehner wrote a good blog post about this:

    News in SCSM12 (Beta) #2 – Service Requests

    Hope this helps.

    Andreas Baumgarten | H&D International Group

    29 mai 2012 20:37
  • I presume you have done this but,

    1. Created a new Runbook Automation Activity for your runbook

    2. Added the Runbook Automation Activity to the Service Request activities

    3. Ensure that the "Is Ready For Automation" is checked on the Runbook Automation Activity.

    If you look at the activities, you will see which is "In Progress". The check box catches me out every now and then.


    30 mai 2012 10:18
  • Hi Dean and Andreas,

       Thank you both for your replies.

    I found how to add the approval item, but now I'm again stuck at where I actually approve it.  I got into the SCSM console and found the request, opened it up for editing after assigning it to myself, and even found "Approve" and "Reject" buttons, but they are grayed out.  I am unable to locate the analyst SCSM portal, nor am I sure that's even where I need to be.

    Also, for my "Activity" in the template, I setup the first step to run the runbook, and the second step to be for approval.  The runbook is the entire it is saying "In progress" and then the approval is simply approval...I don't think I've put them in the right order :(  Can I put the entire runbook in one step and approval in another, or do I have to create a step to grab the data, create a step to get it approved, and another step for the actual work to be completed?

    As of right now it is;

    Step 1: Run runbook that grabs data, creates user, etc

    Step 2: Approval

    Logically, that seems incorrect.  I'm thinking it should perhaps look like this(?):

    Step 1: Run runbook that grabs information (Initialize Data)

    Step 2: Approval

    Step 3: Run runbook that takes data from Initialize Data to create new AD user

    30 mai 2012 15:27
  • Juice,

    Check your security (if you are not the SCSM Admin, request it from your SCSM Admin). You need to make sure whatever security role you have that you are allowed access to the "Approve" and "Reject" tasks.

    Also, activities need to be execuited in sequence. Meaning, if you have an MA before your RA, then you need to complete the MA first before the RA can be marked for approval. So if your run book is not completing, then your RA will not be allowed to approve. Check your Runbook activity to make sure its completing.

    30 mai 2012 17:17
  • If I understand your scenario right I would give it a try with 2 activities in sequence:

    First the Approval -> Review Activty

    Second the Runbook Activity -> Grabing the initialize data and create the user.

    After Creating the Service Request the SCSM workflow will put the SR and the first activity (the Review Activity) in status "In Progress".

    After the approval is done (approved) the status of the review activity will be changed to "Completed" by the SCSM workflow.

    The second activity (Runbook Activity) status will be changed from "Pending" to "In Progress by the SCSM workflow.

    Runbook should be triggered with the "Initialize Date" and the user should be created. 

    Andreas Baumgarten | H&D International Group

    30 mai 2012 18:04
  • Greg,

       I am the SCSM admin.  This is a lab enviro so I'm the only person that uses it at all.

    I am new to this, but I also have a busted brain today, so I don't know what you mean by MA.  Can I build the approval into a run book?  Can you put multiple runbooks into a single "Activity"?



    30 mai 2012 18:14
  • Sorry Andreas, I didn't see this reply before I replied.  How exactly would I review the activity before the "Initialize data"?  Do I need 2 separate runbooks?

    30 mai 2012 19:02
  • You only need one runbook activity.

    You should add a Review Activity in the Service Request Template first. Than add the Runbook Activty to create a user by the runbook.

    Maybe the 4 blog posts from Mark Newton are helping to get this done. They are explaining the needed steps very good.

    Automating new user creation with SCSM 2012 - Part 1

    Automating new user creation with SCSM 2012 - Part 2

    Automating new user creation with SCSM 2012 - Part 3

    Automating new user creation with SCSM 2012 – Part 4

    Hope this helps.

    Andreas Baumgarten | H&D International Group

    30 mai 2012 19:21
  • I have run across that before, but I didn't think I would actually have to use the authoring console (which I don't even have installed yet...downloading now).  I figured there was a built-in way to do all of this since you would think they would make Active Directory functions as simple as possible.  So, I will try going through these steps including the authoring console part and then report back.

    Thanks so much!

    30 mai 2012 19:36
  • Well, that was a quick test.

    The only installation I can find, "scsm2012_authoringtool_rtm.exe", won't open or install.  It is "not a valid Win32 application".  This is Windows 2008 R2.

    I'm really surprised there is no native way in SCSM to perform these functions.
    30 mai 2012 20:00
  • Does anybody else have any ideas that doesn't require the authoring console?  I can't get it installed and I guess installing it means blowing away my test environment and starting over which I really, really don't want to do.  Any ideas on creating a new user without having to alter a management pack?
    31 mai 2012 18:23
  • Just take a look on the part of the blog post that is explaining how to work with the "Activities in the Service Request Template". Maybe that helps. 

    Andreas Baumgarten | H&D International Group

    31 mai 2012 18:55
  • Which page do you see that on?  I only see where it says to create a RA activity...but that doesn't help much.
    1 iunie 2012 13:46
  • Hey

    Runbooks are used for IT PROCESS AUTOMATION, then normally dont care about the business process and therefore do not have a built in approval process.

    the BUSINESS PROCESS is build in Service Manager by using different kind of activities. Some of those can be REVIEW activities (RA) for approvals, others can be MANUAL activities (MA) that are assigned to people that need to do the work manually. Others are RUNBOOK activities (RB) that trigger an Orchestrator runbook to do the work.

    If you need multiple runbooks, you can use multiple sequential or parallel runbook activities that trigger different runbooks. Or you trigger ONE runbook that gets triggered with ONE runbook activity. This (Master) runbook can then trigger other (Child) runbooks. The Master Runbook Status is then reported back to Service Manager.

    Hope this helps ...


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    1 iunie 2012 14:02
  • Marcel,

        That makes total sense and I appreciate your explanation.

    Here's my question, now.  In the "activities" of the service request, how do you make the "review activity" receive information from the portal?  That's what I don't get.

    When I create a Service Request, without adding the runbook, how do I create the prompts that appear on the portal?  Then, how do I map those prompts from that to the review activity, and then ultimately to the runbook process? 

    Since I never specified that any of this had to be approved in the first place, why does it still sit there saying "In progress" - since the runbook is only for IT process automation, why didn't it just go on its merry way and do what it was told?

    1 iunie 2012 14:10
  • Hey

    First create a Service Request Template with all needed activities. From that Template create a new Request Offering (Service Catalog) and configure the needed prompts (e.g. "Justification" and "Computername" etc.). Then those prompts (values) must be mapped to the Service Request and/or Activities inside the Service request. For instance you could map the "Justification" prompt to the "Review Activity Description". If needed, you can map it to more than one field (e.g. also to the description of the Service Request).

    When a runbook is triggered, the only parameter you normally pass is the Runbook Activity ID. The Runbook is then triggered and the first activities in the runbook connect back to Service Manager, connect to that Activity and then you can get access to all properties of your Service Request or the activities within.

    Details can be found on Marks Blog (Andreas mentioned this already)


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    1 iunie 2012 14:17
  • Which page do you see that on?  I only see where it says to create a RA activity...but that doesn't help much.

    In Part 3 you can see how to add the different activities in  Service Request Template. First a Review Activity and the second activity is a Runbook Activity.

    So you can approve first and if this is done the runbook wil be triggered and creates the user in AD.

    Hope this helps.


    Andreas Baumgarten | H&D International Group

    1 iunie 2012 17:10
  • I'm familiar with the blog as I have ran in to it literally dozens of times in the past week or so, but there are some things I need spelled out for me a little better.  My problem I have is with, such as in your step one, "create service request template with all needed activities" - I add the review activity before the runbook, but I see no way to collect the information needing reviewed -first-.  I don't see a way to add "First Name" "Last Name" and "Location" to the "RA" activity.
    1 iunie 2012 20:33