disk space for sccm 2007 r3


  • hello,

    i will deploy sccm 2007. I will have 3 disk partitions:

    - 1 for the OS and SQL install

    - 1 for the SQL DB and ConfigMgr install

    - 1 for source files, the DP, and other misc use

    i will have 500 clients approximily 

    i want to know how much space i need dfor each partition.


    5 июня 2012 г. 17:48


  • I would with 100 GB OS+SQL , and 100 GB for SCCM and SQL DB and rest for Distribution Point (500 GB) .It all depends on what roles do you choose.

    let If you choose State migration point then you would required more Disk for capture user state and for packages etc.

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