If a computer doesn't have vpro suppprt WOL will not work via sccm?


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  • Hi,

    As long as the NIC/BIOS supports wake-on-lan VPro is not required, you can still use Subnet-driceted Broadcast or Unicas to wake up computers using the WoL feature.


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  • Note also that although ConfigMgr can use vPro wakeup messages in place of normal WoL magic packets (as pointed out by Jorgen), vPro is not WoL (which be defintion uses magic packets) and uses something completely different: vPro wakeup messages.

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  • For more information about the differences in using the two wake-up solutions - see the table in "Choose Between Power On Commands with Out of Band Management and Wake-Up Packets for Wake On LAN" (
  • Ok.

    So all my computers have WOL enabled in the BIOS. I have WOL enabled for the site in SCCM, setup the certificate and it is working properly because a few computers are showing up as provisioned.

    Every time I run a task with WOL checked the pc never wakes up. The pc's and the server are on a totally different subnet from each other, my question is how can I troubleshoot this issue, what is the best plan of action to take, so I can get WOL working properly.

    Thanks for any advice I am stumped.

  • Which wake on lan settings is your site configured for?

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  • Under "Enable Wake On LAN for this site", we have it set for "Use power on commands only", which greyed out the "Wake on LAN transmission method" section.


  • Hi,

    If you don't have Vpro in the all of your machines you should use use the setting suggested by Jason, to send both Power on and WoL if the machine doesn't support Vpro.

    Also use Subnet Directed Broadcast to get a much better result, but you must buy the guys in the network department donuts as they must allow and forward Subnet Directed broadcasts in Swtiches and routers.


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  • Based on a cursory review of the log files, I would start with these three (I've never implmented vPRO).

    -- Wolmgr.log: Contains information about wake-up procedures such as when to wake up advertisements or deployments that are configured for Wake On LAN.

    -- WolCmgr.log: Contains information about which clients need to be sent wake-up packets, the number of wake-up packets sent, and the number of wake-up packets retried.

    -- Amtopmgr.log: Shows the activities of the out of band service point relating to discovery of management controllers, provisioning, and power control commands.

    I don't think WolCmgr will have anything in it for AMT wake up commands, but don't honestly know for sure.

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  • Thanks

    The WOL works with the settings Jason suggested above BUT only in unicast mode, not when subnet directed broadcast is enabled.

    Is there a major difference between unicast and subnet directed broadcast? I guess I have to speak with our network guys to allow subnet directed broadcast through on our routers and switches. Lastly the out of band management option when you right click a collection -Power on, power off, restart this only works with clients that have vpro capabilities, is this correct?

  • Hi,

    You will get a much better result using Subnet-directed broadcasts, unicast will work when you test it but many switches/routers clear their ARP cache when the device is inactive and that is kind of the point to be able to wake those devices. I strongly suggest that you use Subnet-directed broadcast.

    technet on how to choose between unicast and sudbnet direct broadcast:

    Blog post on the topic as well.


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  • It isn't Vpro but the AMT which is included in Vpro which does the wake.  Vpro is the security that sits on top that allows you to basically ILO to the box and see the Bios, etc.

  • The out of band management menu when you right click on a collection these options only work when a client has vpro? Am I right?
  • Yes, but more precisely, when a vPro computer is provisioned for AMT.  This menu option for the collection was added at SP2, and from What's New in Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 (

    • Power control actions are now available for a collection, in addition to individual and selected resources within a collection. Only resources that are provisioned for AMT within the collection can respond to the power control actions.