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  • Good morning,

    We have been requested to disable a particular monitor (Total CPU Utilization Percentage) during a specific window (ex.: Thursday 21h00 through Monday 06h00) each week for a specific set of servers.  As discussed in the following thread, which attempted to address the problem back in 2010, the only solution proposed (by Graham Davies) appeared to be re-creating the monitor|rule with scheduling options:

    Unfortunately, this is not a viable solution for the following reasons:

      1. The work involved would need to be replicated for each individual monitor|rule;

    Ideally, the solution would be applicable to any monitor, rule, discovery, etc.

      2. The potential nightmares involved when upgrading MPs.

    Has anyone come up with a better solution?



    P.S. Does anyone know if this issue has been addressed in OpsMgr 2012?

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  • Hi,

    You can used sheduled Maintenance Mode but it will not concern the monitor but the object the monitor is targeted to, which means all applied monitors on the object.

    You can also try with a powershell script that sets an override on the monitor in order to disable it for a group containing your set of servers and schedule that script. Plus another script to remove the override when you want to re-enable the monitor. Just an idea.


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    15 марта 2012 г. 14:54
  • Hello François,

    As you mentioned, setting a maintenance mode on the object is not an option as it disables all monitoring of the targeted object, which is unacceptable in our case.  I like the idea of dynamically enabling|disabling an override, though I have not found a PowerShell CmdLet to do so.  There is "Get-Override", but no "Set|Add|New-Override".  Any ideas on how this might be accomplished?



    15 марта 2012 г. 15:16
  • My bad, was thinking about the Disable-SCOMMonitor cmdlet but it was introduced with SCOM 2012.

    So, you can try to trigger the overrides using the SDK :


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  • I do not believe this is addressed in OM12, and the way this would be done now is to author a replacement monitor with the scheduler module.

    There is another option, where you could write a powershell script to do the disable/enable work, and include this in a timed rule to execute.  There are some blog posts out there (not sure where at the moment) on how to do this with powershell.  I haven't seen anything about including it in a rule to do this on a schedule, but it's certainly feasible.

    HTH, Jonathan Almquist - MSFT

    15 марта 2012 г. 22:12