SCCM 2007 SQL connection string


  • Is it possible to change sccm sql connection string? what we are trying to achieve... change local system account (computer$) for some user account... because we are having this scenario...


    sccm 2007 server (domain1)


    task: move sccm DB


    SQL server (domain2)


    we don't have any trusts between domains, and we can't map computer account to user account...


    any suggestions?

    31 марта 2008 г. 14:18



    See ConfigMgr help topic "Configuration Manager in Multiple Active Directory Forests"


    Specifically this note


    All other site systems within a site that are not listed above must reside within the same Active Directory forest. They can be installed in different domains within the forest, with the exception of the site server, SMS Provider computer, reporting point, and site database server which must all reside in the same domain."

    31 марта 2008 г. 17:17