Issues in opening MS Project Professional 2007 from Project Center (PWA)


  • Hello,

    Environment: Project Server 2008 - SP2

    Issue: We are moving from XP (OS) & IE 7 to Windows 7 & IE 8. In the pilot desktop testing, I am getting the following error when I try to open schedules from PWA i.e.

      "Project Professional 2007 has taken too long to open. If Project Professional is not running yet, manually open Project Professional 2007 and wait until it is running before trying your request"

    or if try to update any existing custom field (with formula), it does not connect with Project and give the error message in PWA like

       " The formula contains a syntax error or contains a reference to an unorganized  field or function name."


    Please keep in mind that it is working ok with XP/IE7 without any issue. I am trying to work on this with different combination to verify if this is happening bcoz of Windows 7 (OS) or IE 8.0 or both. I have made sure that our Project Server (PWA) url has been added in the trusted site. Also I tried with no group policy and it worked but if I use in the company environment (with group policy applied), it does not work.

    Anybody have this issue if switched to Windows 7 or IE 8?  Please share your experience.









    21 กรกฎาคม 2554 20:29