SCCM Design accross Forests


  • Just a brief overview of what we currently have setup. Central Site and Child Primary site belonging to 1 forest 1 domain.... they seperated by subnet.

    Central Site in SA  in Domain A and a Child Primary site in Domain A in LDN on different subnets. ( 1 forest ) accross a WAN.

    Now this is where i need assistance. We have another domain named Domain B in IRE and then Domain B in EDI on different subnets and basically need to have the clients on SCCM. The solution i had in mind is to just create a new "server" from the Child Primary site with the roles DP, SMP and MP and PXE and have the clients connect accross the WAN to the Child Primary site. We would like to make use of all the SCCM features on all sites...

    Both forests have two way trusts. my design skills are not great so looking for assistance from any design guru. My next question is, would i rather create a child primary site in the new forest and then a secondary site on the other subnet in the same forest. My main idea is to have one central location controlling all sites.

    Or alternatively, from the Central site, install Child primary sites in EDI and then Child primary site in IRE.

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  • What about the client numbers in each forest?

    Torsten Meringer | http://www.mssccmfaq.de

    23 มีนาคม 2555 12:35
  • For EDI -  there are 30 machines..

    For IRE - there are about 60 machines.    Both these sites are on 1 domain 1 forest. But my SCCM is sitting on another forest...

    I am looking to have SCCM integrate into EDI and IRE, but looking for best practice. We want to use OSD, Package deployment as well as SUP.

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  • I'm trying to picture your network design but I'm struggling to the point where I am actually trying to draw it out in Visio to help me understand. You have a very small client count. However in general I like to place a primary site in each forest and I never like to use remote servers as stand alone site systems, instead I always prefer to use a secondary site.

    John Marcum | http://myitforum.com/cs2/blogs/jmarcum/|

    23 มีนาคม 2555 14:24
  • Does this look accurate as to your physical locations? I am assuming you'd have clients assigned to each primary as well as the central?

    John Marcum | http://myitforum.com/cs2/blogs/jmarcum/|

    23 มีนาคม 2555 14:27
  • Hi John, thanks for assisting me here... Here is my exact scenario which i have...

    I have a SCCM Central Site in CPT ( parent site ) on DomainX and a child primary site located in Reading ( UK ) on Domain X. Both sites belong to 1 domain but on different subnets... They are already setup and working 100%.

    My actual question comes in to play with the following. I have to intergrate the above SCCM environment into another domain named Domain B which is on a different forest. I have a site in Edinburgh and Ireland belonging to 1 domain named Domain B. they on different subnet IP's.

    My question is, would I implement child primary sites into Ireland and EDI from the Central Site or would i create 1 Child primary site in Ireland and then a secondary site in EDI.

    IReland has 60 machines and EDI has 30 machines. I have to make use of the following functions in SCCM for these 2 sites... OSD Deployment, Statemigration, Software Distrivbution and Software updates.....

    What is the best practice in getting these 2 above sites integrated into my current parent / child SCCM environment.

    Hope i make better sense now.

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  • Hi John,

    Hoping you are able to help me out with some answers. :)

    25 มีนาคม 2555 13:41
  • Hi Shaun,

    As per my understand with your requirement.  I would suggest you to have Primary Sites on both location (IRE & EDI) and integrate both site into your Central Site.  As you mentioned before you have two way trust between forest so you will be able to manage complete SCCM environment from Central Site without any difficulty.

    Hope you agree with above solution or already you would have done same :)



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