EBS 2008 SCE 2007 Tasks Queued EBS servers no longer reporting


  • This all started when I put a new pc on the network. The discovery wizard ran and everything was good till I changed the pc's name. It then went from monitored to unmonitored and moved it out of the group. Trying to get it back in I followed a technet article about running a sql script that discovers old pc name in sql that's no longer listed in sce. The script ran and didn't find anything. The next bit was delete the healt state manually. I did that and no pc's could connect anymore. I stopped the services and put the old folder back. All pc's started reporting back in, new pc was still not showing as client and listed as unmonitored. After deleting the health state the servers stopped reporting after restoring folder they continued to fail reporting in EBS console. The 3 servers event logs for operational management show they are reporting and updates are discovered and installed. I've reentered the SCE run as account info. 

    Tasks are queued up, I ran a sql script to show the queud tasks but none are displayed.My morning reporting e-mail is also not being sent.

    I've combed through dozens of technet articles and blogs here but everything I try leads no where. If in SQL it says everything is fine while the front side says error or just queus tasks.

    Because this is EBS I have 28days to resolve before the servers shut down.

    10 กุมภาพันธ์ 2555 15:40