Urgency and Impact Description Modification


  • I am trying to customize the urgency and impact to use simple words which will increase accuracy. I am changing Impact to (Low:Single user, Med: Department, LOB, VIP, High, Entire Facility, Group of VIPs) and similiar for Urgency. Does anyone know how to remove the original High, Medium, Low or even change their name? I can add these descriptors but can't get rid of the original junk.


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  • OK - so basically what you are going to have to do is update the LocalizedText table in the ServiceManager database.  Before I explain this though - the usual caveats:

    1) This is not supported.

    2) This could cause a major problem to all the display strings in your system if you write your query wrong and run it.

    3) There are no warranties expressed or implied here. :)

    4) Backup your database first.

    5) Run the select query first to make sure that you are going to update just the right values.

    6) Try this out on a test system first.

    7) An MP upgrade in the future will probably overwrite your changes and you'll have to do this again.

    8) Don't do this unless you absolutely have to and there is no other way.  One good example of there not being another way is when you are trying to change the display name of a EnumerationValue (aka 'list item') that we shipped in a sealed MP.

    9) Doing this will not change the behavior in reports.  That's a whole different thing that I'm not explaining how to do here.

    10) Don't call me if this doesn't work or you blow something up! :)


    Here's how you do it:

    1) First run a query to find the exact object you need to update:

    select * from LocalizedText where ElementName like '%Urgency%'

    This will get you back some results such as:




    There will be one row for each combination of the following:

    FOR EACH MP element FOR EACH Language FOR EACH Display String AND FOR EACH Description


    2) Now run a query like this passing in the language code, MP element ID, and the appropriate LTStringType

    select * from LocalizedText where
    LanguageCode = 'ENU' and
    LTStringType = 1 and
    MPElementID = '2F8F0747-B6CB-7996-FD4A-84D09743F218'

     LTStringType = 1 is the Display Name of the MP element and LTStringType=2 is the description of the MP element.

    You should get back one and ONLY ONE row by using this query.

    3) Then copy the where clause of that query and do an update statement like this

    update LocalizedText set LTValue = 'Really High' where
    LanguageCode = 'ENU' and
    LTStringType = 1 and
    MPElementID = '2F8F0747-B6CB-7996-FD4A-84D09743F218'

    Specify the display string that you want in the LTVAlue ='<something here>'.

    4) Restart the System Center Data Access Service and the console to update the cache.

    Travis Wright Senior Program Manager Microsoft
    16 ธันวาคม 2553 19:53