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  • Currently when a server goes offline.. we get a "new alert"... and then a "closed" when the server is back online.


    Recently we missed the new alert and a server was offline for 3 days and we did not know about it. Is there a way to make that specific alert send out an alert every so often saying that the server is still offline?

    2010年11月18日 20:53



  • There is nothing out of the box that will do this but this is an excellent blog from Jeremy which leverages a powershell script to do this (the script does it for all alerts but you could add a criteria just for missed heartbeats):

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    2010年11月18日 20:59
  • I also would like to share the following information:

    Resend notification after x minutes until alert is closed:

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    2010年11月19日 8:40
  • Hi


    Create two notification with diff name in alert context and put alert aging for second alert (120min)  2 Hr if you miss alert with first notification it will send you again alert after 2 hr if the alert stay there for more that 2 hr the way given by XING or Davies are also good.

    Omkar umarani SCOM STUDENT
    2010年11月22日 13:32
  • Omkar's method can be a viable way to do this but it will only provide one extra alert per aged subscription.  The script method can resend over and over again and you would not have multiple subscription objects created in SCOM.

    Not saying either is better than the other, just be absolutely sure of what your business needs.

    Gene Lindsay

    2012年3月15日 17:16
  • HI Gene,

    He actully missed the alert it may Human mistake also so better he create extra notification for only Failed to connect alert and set it with the different time interval.So if he not revived any notification in first 5 min then he will recive it in next subscription afte 30min.


    Omkar umarani SCOM STUDENT

    2012年3月16日 5:39