SCCM SUP issue


  • HI,

    Hoping there is someone who is able to provide me with a solution to my problem..... I have a central site with WSUS pointing to Microsoft update which then replicate to my primary child site. Central Site WSUS works 100%, but not my primary child site.

    I had 2 WSUS Update Source ID present on my primary child site Database which caused me some errors on all SCCM clients on that site.. I used this below SQL Query to bring up the 2 update source ID and deleted the defunct ID which kept failing to add update source ID to SCCM DB.....  

    Failed to Add Update Source for WUAgent of type (2) and id ({E0759F00-40D9-4A7E-A649-B18BF8D6AE1A}). Error = 0x80040694. WUAHandler 2012/06/07 04:43:00 AM 7448 (0x1D18)

    "select * from CI_UpdateSources where UpdateSourceName = 'WSUS Enterprise Server'"

    after that 1 Update source ID remained however clients started having trouble remove the deleted update source ID. Found this error in the WUAHandler log...

    "Tried to remove an update source ({E0759F00-40D9-4A7E-A649-B18BF8D6AE1A}) that does not exist."    I deleted this off the DB.

    At this point, removed SUP, uninstalled WSUS, reinstalled everything but to no avail, problem persists. 

    Checked the update source ID on DB and still only one... What i have picked up is that Updatesource unique ID on my central site is not the same as the one on the primary child site. 

    I have taken the risk and deleted the remaing update source ID off my child site DB so no UpdateSource ID exist... I was hoping the central site would replicate its Update Source Id to central, but doesnt look like it does.

    This is where i am stuck. How do i get my primary child site up and running using SUP..... I also noticed that Scan Cycle under Actions tab do not appear for any of my clients on the primary child site. So there is a major issues on this site.

    Need some help as what is best to do... Do i remove WSUS from central as well as DB and the same from Child primary and start all over... What im worried about is that replication is not working so good.... this is what i found on the object replication log on the child site:

    Failed to insert Object adac96d7-b854-434f-b3e9-29232da046d7 from replication file C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\\INCOMING\Retry\P01_85790.CID because its reference in table CI_UpdateSources is missing. Error = -2147221499

    Now this is due to the update source not present on the DB... how do i get this working.

    2012年6月9日 9:59