Problem uninstalling Office 2007/2010 in SCE


  • Hi,

    I've deployed Office 2007 and 2010 reasonably okay with SCE, but as the uninstallation button is greyed out (because it's .exe?) I made a new uninstallation package which uses an uninstall.xml and switches /config uninstall.xml /uninstall ProPlus.

    I've manually run the setup.exe with these switches and it uninstalls fine. Manually selecting the update from the Windows 7 Update page gives a Error Code BC2 after a minute or so "Installing" the uninstall package. Windows XP doesn't seem to do anything at all and there doesn't seem to be any errors in the windowsupdate.log.

    I'm obviously going wrong somewhere but unable to figure it out. This is a brand new install on a fresh domain.

    Thanks in advance


    2012年2月9日 11:34


  • Hi,

    I think this should be deployed with an EXE package. Please try again referring to the following document:

    How to Uninstall Deployed Software in Essentials

    Setup command-line options for Office 2010

    If the issue persists, please also try the command “wuauclt.exe/detectnow” on the client and also check the issue referring to the following Knowledge Base article:

    Some computers do not receive updates from the WSUS server

    Hope this helps.


    Nicholas Li

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    Nicholas Li

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    2012年2月10日 11:27
  • Thanks for that Nicholas, but as I mentioned, i've already set up the uninstallation EXE and applied the switches to uninstall office and that the Windows 7 machine failes the uninstall with an error. The links provided don't help me troubleshoot the issue.


    2012年2月10日 12:27
  • Hi Peter,

    Hope it will help you

    Here is how I made it works in SCE to uninstall Office 2007 (tested in Windows XP and Windows 7 PC)

    1. Create a SilentUninstallConfig.xlm file and put in ProPlus.WW folder

            <Configuration Product="ProPlus">

            <Display Level="none" CompletionNotice="no" />
            <Setting Id="SETUP_REBOOT" Value="NEVER" />


    2. Create a package in SCE -> Point to your Setup.exe
    3. Add Return Codes 3010 = Success with Reboot
    4. Installation parameter = /uninstall ProPlus /config "\\<sharedpath>\ProPlus.WW\SilentUninstallConfig.xml"

    No comfirmation or any popups.  Will uninstall Office and report back to SCE successfully.  Will prompt user to restart computer at the end (but will not auto restart)

    Hope it will work for you too

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