Client cannot retrieve SLP from AD though everything is configured


  • Hello,

    First, a few things out of the way:

    • AD schema has been extended
    • Client has been installed and assigned (at some point in the past)
    • Site exists under System Management in AD
    • Boundary exists in SCCM and so does the site in AD.
    • Clients at other sites have no issue.
    • Tried restarting and reinstalling client and rebooting machine (laptop).
    • Firewall is off on client and server.
    • Can telnet to LDAP ports 389 and 636.

    It seems there is something that's not quite right with the branch server at this location. It is a DC and when I look in AD on the branch server everything is there.  For some reason the client just can't seem to get the SLP from AD and I don't know why.  I see messages in the Location Services log that show it cannot retrieve SLPs from AD.  Then it attempts WINS but that of course does not need to be set up.

    Are there test LDAP quereis that I can run or some other way to pinpoint the issue?


    2012年6月6日 16:36