The SMS State System message file processing could not process file


  •   Can someone please help me I get 100 of these message a day.

    The SMS State System message file processing could not process file '1nwy48go.SMW' and moved it to the corrupt directory. Review the statesys.log file for further details.

    In the statesys.log here is what I get

    Thread "State Message Processing Thread #0" id:5800 was unable to process file "F:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\auth\\process\4m41omit.SMW", moving to corrupt directory.
    2008年12月11日 下午 07:19



  • If you open that file, can you see a machine name in it?  Do all files in the bad folder show the same machine name?  Or do they all show the same app?
    Microsoft MVP - SCCM
    2008年12月11日 下午 07:57
  • So what was the solution?
    2012年4月25日 下午 11:07
  • How can this thread be marked as answer without providing the resolution.
    Please do not mark it Answer until or unless it's been resolved.

    Gulab Prasad,
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    2012年6月12日 下午 12:26
  • Hello Tamara001,

    The error you are seeing is may be because of the Database maintenance task.The logical step would be to isolate this issue.Check if there are any tasks that are running on the database.

    Also,it would be very helpful to check on Site Status and then the component status in the SCCM Admin Console.This should give you more info abt the problem itself than going to each site server and checking different logs.

    Let me know.



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    2012年6月12日 下午 01:10
  • Hello,

    I have the same error.

    When I go and check site status , everything is OK but on the components status (SMS_STATE_SYSTEM) I have a lot of errors (5 Critical, 50 warnings and 5000 informational message)

    I tried to reset the counts and now I see OK on SMS_STATUS_MANAGER status but when I go to properties of that component it's show me that I have 5 Critical, 50 warnings and 5000 informational message, and when I click to show message no error can I found.

    very weird..

    2013年10月7日 下午 03:02