Licensing & Software Assurance in SCE


  • Hi there, we're on the SA path from MOM Workgroup edition and I have a couple of questions that our reseller seems in the dark over. We've installed the trial version, and want to upgrade to full, we spoke to our reseller who told us that there is no Volume License Key for SCE? and that we just need to order the media?


    Is this true, and if so, do i need to uninstall the trial first Sad I thought SCE used license keys?


    We also purchased an extra 20 client licenses because our MOM Software Assurance only gives us 50 managed PCs, but when we added the license into eopen it said


    This agreement does not include product(s) with Volume License Product Keys


    So how do we add these extra licenses?


    Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask, but I'm a bit in the dark as to where i go from here...


    Thanks for any help




    2007年8月13日 上午 09:11