Exchange Server 2010 SP2 Issues


  • I have found out that SP2 for Exchange Server is available. However i would like to know something before i proceed. When upgrading from 2010 to SP1, there was a huge problem with the 'Default Web Site Directory', since our organization changed it to 'Default WebSite' from 'Default Web Site'. There was an error thrown

    Error ( message:Cannot find APP object with identifier "Default Web Site/owa)

    It seemed because of a small space between the word 'Website' our installation failed. Since we could not reinstall exchange or IIS we were stuck with a broken installation. But all the files got patched and exchange console shows sp1 and we solved all the errors by recreating folders.


    What i would like to know whether the SP2 can detect where the OWA folder exists irrespective of the Default Website Name. Has any one made a successful update to SP2 with no errors?





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