Deleted a group of users by accident. Recreated user and new mailbox. New user doesnt get all mail


  • Had a OU of three users that was accidentially deleted, then to compound the problem, we recreated the users not realizing the mailboxes where simply disconnected we then created 3 new mailboxes.  now they only recieve some of their mail.  we made sure that people in the exchnage environment that could not send to them deleted the cached address in outlook but to no avail.   As a work around and test on one of the accounts I created a second user and connected the old mailbox to the new user and made a rule to redirect mail to the other account.

    How can I either m,erge the new and old mailboxes or clear up the problem with them not getting all of their mail.

    R Coman

    10 มีนาคม 2555 7:43


  • Hi,

    is it possible that the deleted mailboxes have more alias mailaddresses configured? Please make sure that the configured mailadreesses are the same. in this case you will eceive the identical mails to your new mailboxes.

    If you want to give the useres the old data i would prefer the following steps:

    1) export the actual mailbox to a PST file

    2) disable the new mailaccont

    3) connect the new mailaccount to the old mailbox

    4) import your PST file created in step 1)

    If you want to export mailboxdata to a PST file and import it this article will help: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee633455.aspx

    regards Thomas Paetzold visit my blog on: http://sus42.wordpress.com

    10 มีนาคม 2555 7:58