Can ping Server hostname but not IP Address


  • Hello guys,

    This server has Windows Server 2016 Essentials installed on it.

    From other computers in the network, I can ping this Server by IP and by hostname with no problems.

    Inside this server, I can ping by hostname, but not by IP Address.

    - I can only see this server shared folders if I do a \\hostname.

    - IP address \\ returns (Translated to English) "Windows cannot access - Error Code: 0x80070035".

    - If I do a ping to (external webpage), it replies perfectly.

    - If I try to open that same page ( it returns an "It's not possible to show this page".

    - There are 2 NICS working as a Team.

    Forgot to refer that after restart server, it works fine for a couple of days.

    Server Network Settings:

    IP: (Server IP)


    GW: (Router IP)

    DNS1: (Server IP)


    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

    Best Regards,

    Mário Loureiro

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  • You should remove the public address (google dns) from the adapter connection properties. Domain controller and all domain clients rely on domain DNS for all lookups (google DNS knows nothing about your domain). Internet queries are resolved via the 13 default root hint server or optionally you can add public DNS addresses to forwarders.






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  • Hi,

    Thanks for your question.

    Please try the following suggestions to see if it could be of help.

    1. Please confirm which NIC address you are pinging. You can't ping any actual NICs on the server because these two NICs have already formed a team. Is the address of the NIC team?
    2. Unable to display page may be problem with IIS server of the website. Try using other computers to open this page.
    3. Turn off the local firewall to prevent the filtering function from affecting the test result.

    Hope you have a nice day!

    Best regards,


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