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  • Hi,

    Wake on LAN seems to be quite unreliable. has anyone experience in that area ?

    My server seems to have a WOL configuration which is working, since it was able to wake up clients in different subnets. But as soon as the Computers are turned off one day it does not work anymore.

    The SCCM log looks good, no errors at all. And I can verify that the configuration is working.

    As far as i know the SCCM needs a valid hardware inventory, i do not think that within one day the data is invalid. (Since i tested it over a period of one week, and turned the computer on serveral times in that week)

    The only thing i can imagine ist the power saving option. Does that depend on the drivers installed in the device manager ?

    The energy saving mode is turned off in the BIOS settings, nevertheless after one day he won't wake up anymore.

    does a BIOS update make sense ?


    Has anyonne an idea ? Has anyone managed to implement WOL successfully/reliable ?


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  • There are many factors why your machines won't wake up.  One is the Arp and routing table on the router.  If that clears out, as some do after 24 hours, then you won't be able to turn them on becuase the router doesn't know where they are.

    Test with a machine off for 2 days.  Use a free WOL tool.  If that can wake it and ConfigMgr can't then you have a problem with a port or something else.  We have the WOL packet blocked across routers so we can't use WOL outside of the single subnet.  It also depends on which method you are using to wake them up and the network card/driver as you mentioned.

    Most people have implmented out of band managment to get past some of the issues with the WOL technology.  Otherwise you can invest in 1E night watchman that keeps at least 1 machine on in the subnet and uses it to send out the packets to wake the machines.

    Yes, there are problems with WOL but it generally isn't in SCCM it is network or individual computer that is causing the issues.
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