Outbound server is labelling me as a spammer. Need urgent help to connect to my clients.


  • My email service suddenly disappeared on Tuesday (legal problems between domain owner and email administrator, not relevant).  I created a new set of emails through office 365, set up by comcast, my internet provider.  They gave me a tutorial on utilizing the admin functions.

    I have been trying to send a "new email" message to everybody in my address book (~2000 addresses). When setting up the accounts I was told spam limits were 500 addresses per message, 10,000 per day.  My tutor also told me 900 per hour.

    I may have exceeded those limits once when starting.  Since then, I have been going through the alphabet letter by letter having from 50 - 150 addresses per messages. I'm watching the clock, I have been at this for two days and am through letter "p". 

    I have been blocked repeatedly even though I'm nowhere near the limits. Why?  I unblock and wait a while, then continue.

    I'm a small business owner, a chemist, without an IT department.

    15 มิถุนายน 2561 14:30