Some questions on Discussion Board and RSS client support in IE


  • I am using Discussion Board in a SharePoint 2010 site. I do not access to the code using Visual Studio 2010.

    I can only make out-of-box changes or at the max. I can use SharePoint designer.

    Following are my questions -

    1. When I reply to a created discussion, the Body field in the form has the previously replied text by default.

    I don't want that to be visible. Any ideas what should be done? 

    2.  I know for the fact that the Body and Title columns cannot be removed from the List columns but can I don't want to see the Body TextArea in the form while creating a new object. What should I do ? Second part of this question, is it possible to make this TextArea into a one-line Textfield ?

    3. In the Flat view of my DIscussion board when I added some additional columns like Product, Issue they are seen on the extreme right side of the view. It looks really shabby. Can I make the columns visible horizontally below the title ? Any other possibilities to improve the look ?

    4. When I click on any RSS icon in Firefox, it gives me an option to add the feed in Microsoft Outlook but in Internet Explorer 8 the feed just gets added in the browser. Does IE not support adding the RSS feed directly into Microsoft Outlook client ?

    5. Why is the Incoming E-Mail setting not enabled under Communications group in List Settings ?

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