Copy list item if two list IDs that are equal for a change request


  • Hello,

    I have a change request list that has the user enter the ID (called Event ID) from an event in the calendar and populate all of the fields in the change request. This allows the users to make change without touching the calendar. Once the user requests the change, it is reviewed by the owner of the calendar. Once the change request is approved, I would like to have a workflow to update this event.

    If current item(Event ID equals Calendar(ID)

                Then update Calendar

    For some reason I cannot get the workflow to work. Please provide guidance or additional solutions.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi Rschudlich,

    We can do it in following steps:

    1. In Start Approval Process action, go to edit Approval task page and Change the behavior of the overall task process
    2. Under “When the Task Process Completes section” and under
      If Variable: IsItemApproved equals to Yes
       Set workflow status to Approved
      action, add the Update list item action: update some fields in calendar list when ID = current item: Event ID
    3. Save and Publish the workflow.

    Or could you please tell us how you design your workflow?

    Thanks & Regards,

    Emir Liu

    TechNet Community Support

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