Exchange Server 2013 - Messaging.old creation


  • Hey All,

    Firstly thank you in advance for any input that I get on this one. Always appreciate others taking the time out to help their fellow techies.

    We have an Exchange 2013 Server that is creating Messaging.old folders in "C:\ProgramFiles\Exchange Server\V15\TransportRoles\data\Queue"

    I can't seem to find any events in event logs that correlate to the creation of these folders.

    The last one I've got is titled 20180626150413 so naturally I've gone into event logs on the 26\06\18 @ 15:04:13 and nothing. 

    Can somebody let me know what causes the creation of these? My understanding has always been that when the Transport Service falters for any reason it dumps the que into these folders. Recovers what it needs / can and then leaves the copy in the Messaging.old folder should a exchadmin need to recover anything. 

    However I'm not seeing anything in event logs around these times about the Trasnport Service or otherwise. Could anything else cause it?

    Best Regards Steve - PC Quick Tips

    2 กรกฎาคม 2561 10:57