Error during Integrated tape-library with Hyper-V


  • I have deploy HP Tape library and now I want to integrated with Veeam but my Veeam Server is on Hyper-V. When I am integrated with Veeam Machine with Tape-Library through FC it give me the following error. when i remove that Virtual FiberChannel Switch the VM working properly. Please guide me

    Error Occured while attempting to start selected Virtaul Machine

    Error 1: Synthetic FiberChannel port (Instance ID 1CRD2CFC-C434-4352-8525-E48ACDB7CB77): Error "Insufficient System resources exit to complete the requested service.

    Error 2: Operation for Virtual Port (C003FFE3811D999E) field with an error. Physical port available to satisfy the request (Virtual machine ID 56350CCA-5BBA-4E3E-857D-E1D05B0B470E)

    Error 3: "VM " Failed to start (Virtual machine ID 56350CCA-5BBA-4E3E-857D-E1D05B0B470E)

    Error 4 : VM" Synthetic FibreChannel port: Failed to start reserving resources with error "Insufficient system resources exit to complete the requested service (0x800705AA). (Virtual machine id 56350CCA-5BBA-4E3E-857D-E1D05B0B470E)

    Error 5: "VM" Operation for virtual port (C003FFE3811D000E) failed with an error: No physical port available to satisfy the request. (Virtual machine ID 56350CCA-5BBA-4E3E-857D-E1D05B0B470E)

    2 มิถุนายน 2561 20:53